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“Akito huh. Well, that’s manageable. Ayanokōji’s is Kiyotaka, right?”

We stayed in the same room during the cruise, so Yukimura appears to have remembered my name.

“And I believe Yukimura’s first name is Teruhiko.”

I also thought back to the exam on the ship. Yukimura’s expression suddenly became cloudy for some reason after I had said this.

“……You remembered?”

Instead of being impressed, Yukimura looked troubled.

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“Oh, so Yukimū’s first name is Teruhiko. Should I think of another nickname?”

“Stop it.”

He responded with a strong tone, and Hasebe shrunk back a little bit.

“Is something wrong?”

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When I asked Yukimura about his sudden change in attitude, he gave an unexpected response.

“I’m fine with calling you guys by your given names, but could you stop calling me Teruhiko?”

He actually made such a proposal.

“That is, it’s alright for you to use our first names, but it’s not alright for us to do it to you!?”

“It’s not that I don’t like any of you guys. It’s just that I hate my given name. I usually don’t mind because nobody had ever used my given name before, but this situation makes things different.”

“It’s not a particularly unique baby name nowadays, isn’t it pretty common?”

Miyake understandably finds it strange.