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Everything’s caused by Keita Amano having a love of gaming at the bottom of his heart.

That’s supposed to be true…

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…That’s supposed to be true…

“However, …a guy like that gave up his favorite game because of his friend’s girl, that’s a big problem!”

Late at night, …in my bed alone, I wrapped my hands around my head and bitterly vexed.

I knew that Amano had a close relationship with my girlfriend Aguri a long time ago. While I’m not sure of the exact reason, but they seem to have befriended each other and started making love inquiries, thereby kept on meeting.

Of course, I’m not too comfortable with it since I’m Aguri’s boyfriend. For a period, I’m getting a burning sensation of jealousy when I’m suspecting whether they’re cheating behind me.

However, some time ago, I heard Aguri’s explanation that she only treated Amano as a little brother. With that, my suspicions ended there…But then, things immediately happened.

I was forced to witness that scene.

“Amano readily prioritized Aguri over his love of gaming, and Aguri also played with him happily…That scene.”

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The events in the arcade after school, I still can’t forget them.

I’ll skip the details here. But, both of them just did that in front of us…Me, Aguri’s boyfriend, Tendou, Amano’s girlfriend, and also Chiaki Hoshinomori, who fell in love with his gaming attitude. They showed how unbreakable their bond is.