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And now that all the talks were concluded,

「Nee, I know I’m only saying this after hearing it all, but… Wouldn’t it be bad if I heard this story?」

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Ria, the princess of Vesteria, asked so, scratching her cheeks slightly.

It would surely be bad if the decay of internal affairs of the Imperial Kingdom was known to the princess of a foreign country.

「No, it doesn’t matter. Decay of the Imperial Kingdom is well known among the top brass of the country. Besides, Ria’s father, Gris, also knows it all too well.」

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Sensei said with a bitter expression.

And when an indescribable heavy atmosphere loomed,

「Well, let’s end the serious talk there and… Let’s move on to the main issue at hand!」

Sensei clapped and said with a cheerful voice.

「You three, especially Allen, I have a little favor to ask.」


「Aa, yes. Allen, I want you to supervise this year’s entrance exam.」

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Sensei took out the『Admission Application Guidelines』of Thousand Blade Academy while uttering such a ridiculous thing.

Leia-sensei handed out the admission guidelines to each of us and briefly outlined it.

「The entrance examination is held on February 1st, about three weeks from now. What I’m thinking is having Allen as the chief examiner and Ria and Rose as the assistants. How about it? Won’t you accept it?」

She looked at me with an unusually serious expression..