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If I remember correctly, Hashimoto didn’t seem to be any different than usual.

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However, Akito didn’t seem to be buying it.

“I would hope so.”

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Akito didn’t show any intention of leaving any time soon.

It seemed like he wasn’t certain about whether or not things would take a turn for the worse.

At the same time, Kanzaki looked at us with a somewhat troubled expression.

That is to say, he had been hoping that nobody else would show up here.

However, he should also understand that such a dream was no longer possible.

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For that reason, he chose to keep silent.

Ultimately, Kanzaki didn’t say a word to any of us and once again turned his attention back toward Hashimoto.

“Continuing from where we left off, Hashimoto. What have you been doing after school? You don’t belong to any clubs, so why are you here so late?”

“So if I don’t have any club activities, I have to head home early? I’m free to go and do whatever I want after school. Moreover, out of everyone here, I think Miyake is the only one involved with a club. Right?”

Taking the initiative, Hashimoto poked a hole in Kanzaki’s argument by dragging us into the conversation.

Compared to Kanzaki, our sudden appearance seemed to play right into Hashimoto’s hands.

The members of the Ayanokouji Group briefly exchanged glances.

It wouldn’t be possible to say that we’re allies of Class A or Class B.

Though, if we had to choose between the two, we would definitely choose Class B.

That would be because of the armistice between Horikita and Ichinose.

“Ha! Not going to answer?”