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Apart from that, Pei Qian also planned to send all the old employees of the experience shop out this time.

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After all, if he only sent one person-in-charge away, the experience shop might continue to operate according to the previous arrangements.

However, what if he sent all the core employees away?

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The various Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches had just made changes to the sales area. In the future, they would not sell any peripheral products from other parties. They would only sell Tengda’s own products.

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There were not many products to begin with. Coupled with the sales of these dissuading services, they should not be able to sell much, right?

Even if they sold some helplessly, the damage would not be as big as the experience shop.

If he lost three-quarters of his health in one go, perhaps the entire experience shop would suffer a huge blow and collapse?

Tian Mo was stunned.

“Huh? Boss Pei, that’s not very appropriate, right?”

“I’ve just barely adapted to management. I still know nothing about how to open an experience shop! What’s more, if I leave, who will be the branch manager of this shop?”

Pei Qian had expected him to say this. “The candidate for the branch manager is very simple. Isn’t Zhuang Dong very good?”

“Zhuang… Zhuang Dong?” Tian Mo was even more shocked.

Others might not know, but how could he not know Zhuang Dong’s situation?