How to make money on online fruits

How to make money on online fruits

What? How did it become my fault again?! Do you think I wanted Repent and be Saved to become like that?!

Ma Yang looked slightly regretful. “It’s a pity that we are still away from generating profit… even though we are doing so much better than before. “Brother Qian, you’re not happy with the current situation as well, right? You also think that we should get even more popular, right?”

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The corners of Pei Qian’s mouth twitched. I’m really not happy, but it’s for a whole other reason!

He thought about a more urgent problem and immediately asked, “How are the other branches doing?”

Happily, Ma Yang answered, “We’ve already chosen the other locations. We just have to do simple renovations, and we should be able to open for business by next week!” Pei Qian quickly waved his hand. “It’s not urgent! Postpone their openings to the week after next-the week of the 24th. There’s no need to rush things anymore, understand?”

At first, Pei Qian had thought it did not matter when they opened the other branches. However, looking at the terrible situation the Huanyu Tianjie branch was in, Pei Qian finally realized that it mattered greatly!

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If he opened the other branches too early, and they gained many customers as a result, Pei Qian would have even more problems to resolve!

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Thus, he had to delay opening the other branches to a week before settlement. This would mean losing a week’s worth of revenue. He did not want to put too much pressure on himself.

Ma Yang paused. “But we’ve already paid the rent. Why do you want to delay…?”

Pei Qian acted solemn as he said, “Let’s wait for a better time. Don’t ask so many questions.”

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Pei Qian had not imagined that he would come across a review of Ghost General on a portal website!

Out of curiosity, he clicked on it.

“Recently, a game named Ghost General has taken over mobile games by storm. Despite the fact that the game’s creator had not intended to advertise it on his own accord, the download volume for the game in its first week had hit close to 80,000!”

“Based on the figures, be it in terms of active players or satisfaction level and retention level towards the game, it has far surpassed any other mobile game released at the same time. In fact, it has left them entirely in the dust!”

“In the past, industry watchers have analyzed that the mobile card games industry was sunsetting such that even the progenitor of it all, Qute Three Kingdoms, has met with a declining player base and profit margin. There was seemingly no good way of getting about it.”