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Why is he here right now?

Shaking away my confusion, I feigned calmness. But as though he had seen through it, he laughed sneeringly and stopped in front of us.

"I came here after Kinoshita asked for me. To think someone would have deliberately caused that injury of hers".

Saying that, he passed by us and entered the infirmary. We too, panickedly followed him. Entering the infirmary, Ryuuen brushed off the teacher's attempts at stopping him and opened the curtain veiling the bed in which Kinoshita-san is receiving treatment.

"Hey, Kinoshita. You ok? Looks like you've been through some tough times".

Seeing Ryuuen-kun, Kinoshita-san openly trembled in fear.

"I hear you've injured your leg? Show me".

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He said that before he pulled Kinoshita-san's leg out from beneath the sheets.

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"This is bad. Not half bad all things considered......".

Under Ryuuen-kun's hand was Kinoshita-san's painful-looking leg wrapped up in bandages.

"Sorry.....I tried to hang in there and participate in the next contest too leg just wouldn't listen.....that's why.....ahh!".

"Don't blame yourself, Kinoshita. I know you tried to participate in the three-legged race".