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Pei Qian sipped his coffee while checking through forums online with his laptop at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Indeed, the managers of the clubs had begun discussing their opinions on the Internet after receiving Tengda’s regulations and reading them.

On Friday night, someone leaked news of Tengda’s preparations for the GPL on Weibo and other forums. At the same time, there was also news that Tengda was suspected to be squeezing clubs dry.

Among those discussing the news was the very influential Big V and hints of fake reviewers. They shared their own versions of the news rapidly until it became impossible to find the source of the leak. Naturally, no one knew which club was responsible.

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The content of all the news was similar, and they were mostly accompanied by the original text of the rules and regulations.

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“Tengda is setting up the Esports Division and requesting clubs not to enter into contracts with athletes in private. Moreover, clubs must allow Tengda to mediate any conflicts that arise with athletes. Clubs would not even be allowed to draft their own contracts and freely decide on terms with athletes. Instead, they have to accept Tengda’s standard form contract. If the clubs don’t accept the above regulations, they would not be able to obtain permission to join GPL. Isn’t that harsh?”

“The clubs had invested money and effort into making GOG’s invitational tournament so huge. Is Tengda turning against them now?”

“The clubs and the official platform should be seeking to achieve a win-win solution since both are good at what they’re in charge of. The official platform for games should be spending its time and effort on improving the contents of the games and keeping the esports competitions. It should not be micromanaging the clubs’ environments and acting so rigid!”

“They should be protecting the rights and interests of the clubs. Major clubs would only take part in the GPL without any worries if they are sure that their interests would be well taken care of. What if the League makes ducks and drakes of the funds and resources that the major clubs invest? Would any major club dare to join? This is a lose-lose situation for athletes, the audience, and the clubs alike!”

“I think that the Tengda’s official platform should seriously consider protecting the major clubs’ interests, and respect the experience and professionalism that those major clubs have accumulated in their years in the industry. The country’s esports industry can only develop healthily if each player plays their own role well...”

Many people were already sharing similar content and saying similar things.

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All of them were merely emphasizing that Tengda’s numerous rules for GPL and excessive restrictions on the clubs served to exploit the clubs and hinder the healthy development of the esports industry. All the clubs seemed to be joining forces to resist this move...

Many clubs had also shared similar viewpoints and expressed their interest in the matter.

Although they did not express themselves plainly, their attitudes were clear.

Below these Weibo posts, players had varying opinions.

Some agreed, some did not, and some just stood by to watch the events unfold.

“I took a look at the rules and regulations, and I think that Tengda had good intentions. It wanted to regulate the esports environment, but it should have thought about what would become of the professional league without any clubs supporting it. The clubs are their business partners, and they should not have attempted to exploit them!”

“That’s right. Tengda is obviously doing this for its own interests. It’s putting too much pressure on the clubs. Now, look at how things have turned out. The clubs are joining forces to resist this move. How would the GPL form?”