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Tendou-san did a victory pose before distancing herself from Chiaki and me for some reason. Eh, what happened? Do people hate us going out this much? What did we even do?

Tendou-san cleared her throat after noticing our faces. …Her mood got better somehow. She smiled and continued.

“I’m glad to hear that. …Yes, what a relief! I, Karen Tendou, can go to my club safely today!”


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What should I do? I don’t understand Tendou-san the more I talk to her.

She hummed a song as she grabbed her school bag.

“I’m going to the club. You two should head home, okay?”

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Well, …even though I don’t really understand, if she’s going to the club, there’s no reason for us to stay. So, Chiaki, Tendou-san, and I walked out of the classroom.

The three of us walked across the corridor until we arrived at the old school, where the Game Club is located. We bid farewell to each other again before heading in different directions-

“Ah, by the way.”


-Tendou-san asked us from behind casually.

“Are you two going to the game store today? Hmm, even though it’s Thursday, there are no new releases that catch your eye, right?”


Indeed, today’s the new release day. However, just like Tendou-san said, both Chiaki and I don’t really want to buy any games.

So, both of us turned back. I answered.

“No, we aren’t going to the game store today. We’ll just go home.”