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A bolt out of the blue struck Pei Qian.

What was going on?

Wasn’t everything fine last week?

Didn’t they not use any Tengda industries before the ICL league? What was going on?

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Pei Qian immediately called Chang You.

“All of the ICL league teams in Shanghai are going to use our gym. What’s going on?”

Chang You was a little surprised. “Eh, Boss Pei, don’t you know?”

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“That’s true. You might not have paid attention to the business in Shanghai.”

“It’s like this. SUG Club’s Boss Ding realized that the fitness effect of his team members was very bad. After training for a long time, there was no effect. In the end, he realized that it was because the gym he found was not good. The team members did not train well when they were working out. They were all slacking.”

“Other clubs more or less have similar situations. Only FV Club uses Deposit Fitness. It works very quickly.”

“That’s why the club owners are unhappy. Everyone has the same subsidy. Why should they use inferior services?”

“These bosses are still very concerned about these things. After all, the remuneration is the same. The effectiveness of the team members’ training is not good. On one hand, it affects the view, and on the other hand, it would waste time.”

“Therefore, the bosses of several clubs went to find Zhao Xuming together and asked him to change all of them to fitness meals for Deposit Fitness and Fish-Catching Take-Out. He could not treat them differently.”

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“What’s more, they have a very good reason. The bodies of the players are part of the appearance. It’s beneficial for the club and even the commercialization of the entire ICL league. What’s more, the higher the quality of the players’ training, the more hope they have of winning glory for the ICL league in the future...”

“Zhao Xuming probably thinks that we’re spending the same amount of money anyway. We’ve already worked with Tengda on Bunny Tail live-stream. It doesn’t matter if we have further collaboration.”