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“To be honest, I was sure even though I’m not familiar with rom-com. We can often see a plot like this with childhood sweethearts who’re always in an argument.”

“I should say it’s basically like that. The two’s relationship is so good that they’re like the protagonists of a rom-com that’s developed from them supporting each other’s relationship.”

We continued adding. However, Tendou, who still doesn’t want to admit, retorted hopelessly.

“B-But, what evidence do you guys have…”

“It’s based on your boyfriend’s preferences on things! (Oh!)”

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“…I guess so.”

Perhaps she still can’t take in her emotions, Tendou’s already answering us like she’s a robot.

We three let out a big sigh at the same time. Silence soon fell onto us. The first one to break it is Hoshinomori, who looks tired from the bottom of her heart.

“In reality, what’s up with that? I can’t believe that the guy’s prioritizing a girl over gaming…When did Keita become a boy who’ll make correct choices like that!”

I can’t help but comment at Hoshonomori’s angry question.

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“Ay, but usually, that means that he’s growing, right…”

“That’s not growing at all! That’s just losing personality! I knew it! It’s like a certain straw hat-wearing pirate yelling, “It’s better to get a secure job than to be the king of pirates!” Words like that!”

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“N-No. Let’s think about this calmly, that was a correct choice for one’s life…”

“Taking the right route doesn’t mean it’s right! Uehara-kun, if that’s the case, how about this. Do you want to see a Dragon Ball episode where Goku sincerely begs his enemies and says it’s bad to use violence!”

“I’m kind of interested.”

“You’re so stubborn! B-But, there should be the main story first! It works as a secondary creation, but no one wants to watch that if it got turned into the main plot!”