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“But you need to take second place, right? Don’t waste your time when you don’t have to dude!”

Desperate to take credit, Mikitani refused to back down.

“Aside from myself or Nagumo, nobody will be able to stop Kōenji. End of story.”

Upon hearing this, Mikitani’s brow furrowed ever so slightly. However, Kiriyama didn’t even bother to spare him a glance, so he didn’t notice his disgruntled expression.

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That evening, the six Free Groups hurriedly set out with Kiriyama at the command, all for the sake of stopping one lone student.

While an ordinary opponent would be one thing, even Kiriyama had no idea what Kōenji was truly capable of.

The only problem now was where the first designated area would appear at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, the eleventh day.

The plan of action would differ depending on which direction Kōenji ended up moving in.

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As such, it would be ideal to take care of all of this some time after he had settled down for the night, but before the exam started up again in the morning.

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Fortunately, Kōenji’s current location, area B3, and Kiriyama’s current location, area E3, weren’t very far from each other.

Since the scores of the top groups could only be monitored until the end of the twelfth day, Kiriyama only had two more days to verify whether or not his efforts would bear fruit. At the very least, he wanted to establish a thirty-point lead for Nagumo before the leaderboards went away.

“How far you gonna have us march tonight?”

Not long after embarking on the long journey, Mikitani posed Kiriyama a question in an attempt to kill time.

“As far as we can. I’m aware it’s risky to travel in the dark like this, but I think I’d at least like to make it within one area of him before stopping for the night. We have to catch up with him by 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, after all.”

Once Kōenji started moving again, catching up would become significantly more difficult.

“Well, we’ve got two days, so I’d reckon it’ll be a walk in the park. With all six of your group coming along, we’ve got eighteen whole people across seven whole groups working on this.”

Mikitani turned and looked over his shoulder, as if to motion toward the sixteen third-year students following behind them.

“Don’t get careless. There’s a good chance he might give us the slip with how vast the forest is.”

“I get he’s like, fuckin’ strong for a second-year, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s younger than us.”