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“A-Alright, let’s finish this up, Aguri-san.”


The cream is already stained with grey from the chocolate sauce. We quickly sent them into our mouths one at a time.

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In the end, our pace immediately slowed down. Just as I’m slowly moving the spoon, the fries that Aguri-san ordered came. While it’s a nemesis for our stomach, it’s a savior for our sweetened mouth.

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We neutralized the sweetness with the saltiness of the fries as we gradually cleared the sundae. As a result, -I’m afraid this is much easier than eating the sundae alone. We ate it all up.

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We let out a burp in fullness as we stroked our stomachs. Then, we started dealing with the remaining fries.

Aguri-san pinched a small piece of fries with her index finger and thumb and mumbled.

“…Amanocchi, going to the family restaurant with you is like this.”

“Oh, …I see. I get it.”

I nodded as I pinched another stroke of fries too. However, Aguri-san pressed on.

“This is indeed extra. However, there are still more benefits to me…”

“Yeah. I can barely manage to keep myself together because of talking to you.”

Usually, a loner like me can never handle a relationship problem. In reality, I’m having a bad time from Christmas to the new year. The more I think about Tendou-san and Chiaki, the more I hate myself…

However, after I chatted with Aguri-san, although it didn’t solve anything, I feel a whole lot better. I guess this helped me to loosen a bit.

I looked at the empty sundae glass. …Come to think of it, I felt pretty stupid for watching the outside world when I left my house. Right now, …I’m sincerely relieved that I did.

Aguri-san scooped up the remaining tomato sauce with the fries and put it in her mouth. Then, she mumbled with a complicated expression.

“But…I think you shouldn’t focus on one thing too much.”