Can I sell a novel online?

Can I sell a novel online?

“…This is really all my fault.”

So, I apologized to someone (A god or my beloved sir) while I dashed towards the game store.

Then, a couple minutes later, an exhausted me (both mentally and physically) finally reached the store. To try and cool myself down, I walked around the game store and avoided the new release section, even though my target is a new game.

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“It’s going to be nasty if I brought that hentai game to the counter with my face full of sweat…”

I wanted to more or less decrease my level of disgusting. Although I didn’t put effort into buying matching clothes or decorations, I still wanted to maintain basic hygiene. Well, I guess no one really cares how much I sweat anyway.

“Crap, I’m even more self-abased today.”

…Well, I ran here to buy hentai games after I heard a handsome guy just announced that he loves my girlfriend, after all. There’s no way I’ll have any faith in myself right now. However, that isn’t going to stop me from buying the game.

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“If Tendou-san forced me to answer whether she or the game is more important. How should a loser like me answer…?

Of course, Tendou-san will never ask this based on her personality. Also, after I actually thought about that, isn’t that a strange jealousy scene? The guy’s already dead if he dares to draw an equivalence between gaming and love. Keita Amano, you suck…But I’m still getting the game!

“…Phew. So…”

After I recovered my strength in the cold store with air-con, I once again started walking towards the new release shelves.

I immediately found what I was looking for. I can’t help but let out a relieving sigh as I looked at the package.