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Uehara-kun held the can with both of his hands and looked down, is my plan so terrible that he can’t even give me any feedback? I-I guess so, it’s too simple to call it a date when all you do is bringing the girl to an entertainment complex…

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Just when I wanted to scrap the idea-

Suddenly, Uehara-kun chugged all the remaining coffee down his throat. Then, he left his can on the bench and then turned around to grab my shoulder with both of his hands, accompanied by a serious look on his face.

“Not bad, kid! No, Amano! There’s nothing that I can teach you anymore!”

“Master isn’t that too fast for graduation!?”

“Damn, I can’t believe you thought of going to Around 1, even I haven’t been there with Aguri yet! You are a wizard, Amano! The king of normies chosen by God himself! This is a perfect plan for the date!”

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“Somehow, I feel more worried when you praise me like that!”

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While it is good that Uehara-kun praised me, but now that I’m thinking of it, suspicion soon clogged my brain. “Even though Uehara-kun is handsome, does his mindset not resemble that of a normie at all?” Right, Uehara-kun is a serious and hard working guy deep down. Considering that he made virtually no progress with his girlfriend for half a year, maybe he is as old-fashioned as an 84-year-old.

He gave me a refreshing smile and moved his hand towards me.

“Have fun, Amano! Your plan is perfect!”

“Eh? Y-Yes, thank you…”

I gave him a reluctant smile and grabbed his hand. Then, he started to shake them vigorously.


“…Everything will be fine, right? It’s my first date…”

It was not until today that I realized, sometimes you will feel more insecure when your friend cheers you on like that.