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They would receive customers, communicate with them, dig out their potential resources, provide feedback and feedback to customers and products in time according to the sales process.;

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Connect to the Sales Plan goals, set marketing goals and adapt to the company’s future prospects and planning;

He would create a database file for clients’ home address and contact details so that he could visit his target clients in the future;

They would hold sales meetings regularly, arrange the corresponding work, prepare meeting records and fully mobilize the employees at the meetings to unify their thoughts;

Regular team-building activities, praising advanced models, encouraging outstanding employees to complete the survival of the fittest through the personnel assessment...

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They were all similar.

There were several smaller projects after each major project. Some of the smaller projects were even detailed to the execution level.

Pei Qian’s face fell. A few words had touched his sensitive nerves.

Set a sales target?

Build a database and visit his clients?

Regular meetings, team-building, survival of the fittest?

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Am I not dying quickly enough for you?!

This home visit and regular team building was especially excessive.

Not only did he harass them on the phone, but he also disgusted his clients in their houses. Was this something a person could do?

There was no need to talk about regular team-building. The sales department’s team-building was not far from the mark. It was basically a brainwashing event. Some even had to organize slogans or mass exercises. It was simply a group of demons dancing.

Pei Qian stuffed the document into the shredder beside him without another word.

“Ah, Boss Pei...” Tian Mo did not expect Boss Pei’s reaction to be so intense. He was momentarily at a loss.

Pei Qian looked serious. “The contents of this document are complete rubbish! Did you write this?”