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It didn’t matter if Chairman Sakayanagi had someone he wanted to protect, he had no power to do anything.

“Even if I only was able to save Ayanokouji-kun and left my classmates in Class A, the teachers won’t have any reason to blame me. The only ones who can resent me will be the students I have betrayed.”

Mashima-sensei may be dissatisfied with what Sakayanagi said, but he did not retort.

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“But-he may find special treatment to be unwelcoming.”


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“I’ll wait until the Acting Director is gone, but after that, things will be different. And if Class D obstructs Class A, I will beat them out mercilessly at any time.”

“Will you? That’s good.”

Mashima-sensei accepted that and faced Sakayanagi determinedly.

“Let’s recap. Right now, you couldn’t find any evidence to prove that Acting Director Tsukishiro has committed wrongdoing, is that right?”

“Evidence has been erased, so it would be meaningless to investigate now.”

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He would not do something as foolish as deliberately leaving evidence.

“Then, it seems that we can only wait for his next move.”

The teachers have a better understanding of the exams we will face after we become 2nd years.

As for what Tsukishiro will do, I’ll leave that to Mashima-sensei to think about.

“It’s been more than 30 minutes, and it won’t be good to be absent from the closing ceremony for too long. You students head out first, then we’ll leave the room separately.”