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Pei Qian read the entire post in silence, not knowing what to say.

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They had yet to play the finals, and I’m already taking the blame??

At the same time, in Los Angeles...

In one of the guest rooms in Finger Games’ headquarters, both Chrétien and Zhao Xuming looked solemn. They had a lot on their minds.

To outsiders, IOI’s global finals had been very successful.

They had already achieved his goal of generating popularity and topics to talk about. What was there to be dissatisfied about?

However, the netizens could only see the popularity on the surface. Chrétien and Zhao Xuming could feel the hidden undercurrents.

IOI Cooperation Department of Long Yu Corporation had been keeping an eye on the domestic response to the global IOI Finals. These contents would be reported to Zhao Xuming, who was far away in Los Angeles.

What troubled Zhao Xuming the most was that his previous plan to step on GOG and support IOI had completely failed!

In order to give IOI players a sense of superiority, Zhao Xuming got the fake reviewers to publicize that GOG’s international invitational tournament was a form of entertainment for Tengda Corporation and that IOI’s competition level was higher.

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Such an argument had already spread and had the effect of confusing others originally but FV team’s victory made this argument fall apart on its own!

He had painstakingly hired so many fake reviewers and triggered so many discussions about GOG and IOI’s competitiveness. All of those efforts had gone to waste