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It was precisely because these things seemed worthless and common that such a serious quality problem had been allowed to fester. Naturally, people felt indignant that children’s health was being put at risk!

Pei Qian had a bad feeling about this.

From the looks of it, Old Ma’s live-stream was going to be a success!

“Could Old Ma really become an internet celebrity?

“Wouldn’t that stray too far from reality?

“No, calm down. Things shouldn’t be that bad yet...”

After careful consideration, Pei Qian decided to wait and see.

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That was because this was just the beginning. The further they went, the greater the resistance and problems would become.

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This was only the first episode; the manufacturers that Ma Yang had exposed were not prepared at all.

However, as Ma Yang exposed more and more problematic manufacturers, they would surely work together to think of ways to take revenge and play some tricks.

What’s more, most people’s anger came and went quickly.

For ordinary people, the desire to spend money was endless. Real live streamers who endorsed products had very loyal fans as well. Their audience would view their live-streams and try to understand their content for no reason, even if had no intentions of buying the products.

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Most people would not watch exposés every day either. They would only pay attention when they really needed the products.

Ma Yang was starting off well, but his success might not be sustainable. What if he suddenly stopped live-streaming after a month or two?

That was very possible!

That was because it was easy for people to get tired of Ma Yang’s content. It would feel fresh the first time they saw it, but the more they watched, the more boring it would become.

What’s more, Ma Yang was doing the right thing.