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Is the online legendary WeChat make money?

“You’re a dead man, and you’re looking for a chance to come back to life. Am I right?”

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Totsuka Yahiko, a great admirer of Katsuragi, was expelled from the school because of Sakayanagi.

And now, Ryuuen was trying to find out if Katsuragi had forgiven Sakayanagi for doing so.

“Whether or not that’s true, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Since you’re already here, hear me out to the end.”

“No matter what you say, there’s no chance of me working with you. It’s true that I have a semi-antagonistic relationship with Sakayanagi. However, I don’t want to trouble my classmates. I don’t want to work with you.”

Hearing Katsuragi’s words, Ryuuen clapped his hands happily again.

Looks like he was waiting for Katsuragi to say these words all along.

“Don’t want to cause trouble for others? Since last year’s uninhabited island exam, you guys in Class A have been diligently transferring money to me every month because of that contract you made with me, did you forget that?”

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Katsuragi, still standing, shifted his attention to Ryuuen once again.

“It was a fair contract, we got 200 points from your class, and in return Class-A pays off the loan. All of my actions were only to lead Class-A along a better path.”

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“Sure, if you only look at the numbers. However, what about the psychological impact that your class suffers every month? Why should all of you have to share your private points with us for so long?”