End of the experience of making money online

End of the experience of making money online

Meng Chang had a vague feeling that once he completely understood the “Pei Family’s publicity method”, he would definitely be able to get a lot of commission in the future. What awaited him would be an infinitely bright future!

However, he was stuck at this last step. It was very uncomfortable.

Why did Boss Pei want him to do reverse publicity and teach him personally?

What was Boss Pei trying to achieve?

What benefit would that bring him?

Meng Chang could not figure it out no matter what.

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He flipped through the latest comments online.

During the day today, the limit of the Doubt VR glasses had been completely removed. “Animal Island VR” has also been officially released. The evaluation of this pair of glasses was completely warming up.

Meng Chang was not very surprised by this.

After all, Boss Pei had promised to keep it for two weeks and get a guaranteed commission.

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Now that the guaranteed commission had been obtained, Boss Pei no longer had to stubbornly suppress the sales of the VR glasses. He could sell them freely.

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Previously, the evaluation of the VR glasses was not good, mainly because there was too little quantity sold. The people who wanted to buy them had resentment, so the public opinion was very easy to control.

Now that they were selling it openly and most people who wanted it had gotten the real thing, they naturally realized that the glasses were really good. Their reputation would naturally slowly warm up.

That also meant that he could forget about getting a high commission.

However, Meng Chang did not mind because Boss Pei had already fully displayed the “Pei family publicity method”. Meng Chang just had to work hard to extend the time after learning it.

If he extended it from two weeks to a month, wouldn’t that be a full commission?

Boss Pei had already done his best. Meng Chang felt that he had nothing to be greedy for.

His top priority now was to solve the last mystery and make his “Pei Family’s publicity method” complete.

At that time, he would be able to get as much commission as he wanted; he would get a few months if he wanted to.