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『If you are bound as a swordsman, you may be best suited to wielding that gentle, flowing sword. However, if you are to wield it, first of all, you must be intimate with the functions of your own body rather than the arm of the sword. If so, to master it in two months time might be feasible.』

I looked up naturally and tried to listen to Tre’ainar’s words without speaking.

Tre’ainar said to me, “I’ll never be able to beat my father, even if I imitate my father,” because it sounded like she was saying, “I have my own talent.”

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Unlike my father, my personality is my own. I never thought of it.

『And Hiro is a single-cell idiot.. He can only use simple, power-driven magic with an emphasis on destructive force, but fine spells were beyond him. Magic is not just about having magical power, it also requires a brain to understand the theory behind events. You are better than Hiro in that respect. Expand the magic more.』

It’s not just the sword. It is true that my father can use the “Blow-All System” in terms of magic, but I have heard that his grasp at the more detailed ‘Auxiliary System’ of magic is not good.

That? Surprisingly, father has a lot of faults?

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『Do you understand? If you diligently apply yourself to training, of course, you will win the championship in two months. If you bestow more time, it is possible to raise you to the level where you can defeat Hiro!』

Those words, it wasn’t just big talk or being swept by the momentum of our conversation.

There was simply an idea and the chance of the victory in properly following Tre’ainar.

And the rest depends on if I can put it into practice or not.

『How is it? Child ...』

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Yes, the rest is up to me. I could not help laughing at such a question.

“Haha-ha... My father... everyone around me... they would be surprised. The son of the hero ‘Hiro’ will not fight as a 【Magic Swordsman】.

『You do not approve?』

“I-it’s not... Somehow, I have a rather pleasant feeling about this! Not like I’m my father’s son......exactly, more like I’m myself! I feel like a curse upon me has been reduced a little bit, and it made me feel better.”

I got it. I was shocked, depressed, but I felt a weight off my shoulders.