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It was only one sentence—like always, it was plain and simple. I think they probably want me to participate in defeating the current raid boss (a limited time boss).

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“(MONO is probably a shy, awkward person.)”

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But that’s why I really like that person. …I’m saved by our tiny connection.

<Yup, let’s do our best>

I sent my own short reply, finished the quest, checked that I received no further messages from Uehara-kun and Aguri-san, then turned off my phone.

However, for a while… I continued to look at my smartphone.

“(…Thank you Aguri-san, Uehara-kun, MONO.)”

I realized that despite feeling like the lowest of the low a few minutes ago, I felt a lot better right now.

With renewed fighting spirit, I set my smartphone aside, grabbed my controller and looked at the screen.

On the screen, it was the main character’s childhood friend, not Frau. The first set of choices in the game is deciding whether or not to walk home with her or not.

Naturally, to aim for Frau, I had to make sure to stay away from her. Like always, I was about to refuse her offer—


Right then, I suddenly stopped my hand. …Maybe…

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It was an idea that never came to me before. However, a strange conviction filled my heart.

Using the D-pad, I scrolled over to the option to accept her invitation and selected it.