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Qiao Liang did not seem to notice Boss Pei’s subtle expression. Instead, he was too engrossed in recounting the pain he had been through and was finding it hard to pull himself out of it.

“The most ridiculous thing is that there are monsters in the village that look just like night watchmen. They travel in pairs, one holding a gong and the other holding a watchman’s rattle. Every monster that they walk past would be awakened. They would only go back to sleep after a long time.

“I wanted to kill them by stealth, but both of them have lanterns and excellent eyesight. Just a single stab and my health bar would be emptied. Each time I want to run, they would use their secret weapon. So I turn-“

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Finally, Pei Qian could not hold it in any longer and laughed out loud.

Teacher Qiao was stunned. “Boss Pei?”

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Pei Qian looked very awkward. Sh*t, I didn’t hold it in!

Teacher Qiao had been too engrossed in his description, and he narrated every detail about it. Pei Qian could even imagine the watchmen holding the lantern chopping Qiao Liang up once they bumped into each other. This made it very difficult for Pei Qian to maintain his serious expression. Luckily, at that moment, the dishes were served.

“I’m just glad that the food is here. Come, come, please help yourself, Teacher Qiao.” The waiter had just served a plate of sea urchin sushi. Pei Qian quickly pushed it towards Teacher Qiao, gesturing for him to dig in.

Qiao Liang felt even stranger. There was something off about Boss Pei’s expression.

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Why did it feel like he was celebrating Qiao Liang’s misery?

He seems very happy to hear that I’ve been tortured like a dog in the game. Was he unable to hold in his laughter just now? Could it be that Boss Pei invited me over from so far away just to watch me suffer?