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Then, I regained consciousness, and realized I was in bed.

This ceiling is my room, I guess.

And the first thing I saw was Sadiz’s face, which didn’t have her usual nasty smile and looked at me teary eyed.


“Thank goodness, Lil’ Earth! I’m glad...... you’re okay, Little man.”

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Suddenly, I was hugged tight. Sweet, lovely Boobs!?

“Ah, ah, S-Sadiz? Oh, Um... Why?”

“Don’t you remember? Lil’ Earth fainted on his own within the sealed room. I didn’t know the cause, I couldn’t find any trauma, and I didn’t know what was going on.... I thought, what if something happens to Little man’s body while he was following me...”

“I, I’m okay... it’s...”

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“How are you feeling? Do you have any issues?”

“No, I’m fine... a little light headed.... but...... yeah.”

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“Is that so...”

Sadiz’s sweet scent was comforting. Then Sadiz slowly got herself off me and smiled gently.

“If nothing is wrong, then alright.”


Oh, let’s make children already.