Which part-time job is now available

Which part-time job is now available

The underling lowered his head and operated on his cell phone. “Yes, that makes sense.”

“Aye! I got it!”

“The stocks this time seem to be much more than the previous one. It’s not that difficult to snatch. There are still stocks now.”

“However, it might also be because there are fewer people paying attention on the internet this time. After all, they only said that this was a new technology exchange. No one knew that cell phones would be sold.”

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“However, it looks like this situation won’t be able to last more than an hour once the news spreads.”

“Aye, you’re saying that Boss Pei was secretly giving advice? This news conference is full of tricks? What tricks? Why don’t I feel anything?”

The slightly older man said, “Didn’t you notice? This new person-in-charge, Jiang Yuan, is much worse than Chang You. He’s not eloquent. He definitely can’t use Chang You’s method to hold a news conference.”

“However, he made good use of his innate qualities to create another style!”

“Jiang Yuan gives people the feeling that he has stage fright and is not very confident. He is also very serious when talking about the new technology. It makes people sleepy. However, this will make the audience’s psychological expectations especially low.”

“If Boss Chang were to hold this news conference, everyone would be waiting for him to show off. Then, everyone would not be so shocked when the cell phone really comes out.”

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“That’s why this is targeted at different products and different people in charge. They have to do different things at the news conference to maximize the audience’s emotions!”

“Not only that, the pricing strategy of this cell phone is also worth pondering over. If I’m not wrong, the stocks of this cell phone should mainly be concentrated on the high-storage version and the custom-made Mission and Choice version. The ordinary version only plays the role of a price anchor, making everyone feel that the high-storage and custom-made version are especially worth it, thus increasing the sales of these two versions!”

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“The difference is obvious compared to those cell phone manufacturers who sell their cell phones for more than gold!”