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And best of all, children can play with it. In other words, training that anyone could do.

Watching Amae do the front leap and the back leap as she hummed, I felt once again how great this training was.

That’s how we trained in front of a mirror, the two of us…

“Hoh~. So the shy Amae has taken to thee already. Thou is quite the caring sort, it seems.”

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The High Priestess smiled pleasantly as she approached us during the training and called out to us.

Then I remembered once again that this High Priestess was Jamdi’el, one of the Six Supremacy and a Great Demon General.

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“Does thou like children?”

“Not, particularly that way…”

“Hmmhmm, aren’t children adorable? If so, what does thou think of having a child of thy own? To be precise, would thou have a child as soon as thou finds a partner, does thou want thy own children?”

“No, no no no, huh?”

What the heck? I was so glad that Amae and I got along a little better, then Jamdi’el with eyes wide open came close to me and asked that.