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“At least, what we want to say is that you shouldn’t start from the conclusion. It’s the same logic as no detective novel tells you who the criminal is right away.”

“Actually, there are quite a lot. I often bump into this kind of novel.”

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Suddenly, the original literature gal next to him, Aguri-san, came with an on-point rebuttal.

But, Uehara-kun ignored his ex-girlfriend’s unwise betrayal and cleared his throat.

“A-Anyway. To us, this story, …<Keita Amano and Demon King Subjugation> is the hottest comedy right now.”

“Can you not treat someone’s lift as a comedy so casually and even giving it a weird subtitle?”

This is the first time that someone added a subtitle to me in my life. …It’s the first time, right?

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Just as I’m falling into confusion when people are giving me weird looks, Uehara-kun continued.

“It’s impossible for us to not be excited. It’s because…this story is about the ‘Keita Amano’ that we’re familiar with. He’s going to use his weakest power for Aguri and face a terrible and vicious enemy, right? Of course, this only makes us look forward to it!”

“What do you mean by terrible and vicious? What do you mean by weakest?”

“Right now, we can’t wait for the next episode’s story the most. You actually tried to start from the conclusion directly…! For example, if Jungi Inagawa started his story with ‘this is a ghost tale in the end,’ what would you think!?” [Note: Jungi Inagawa, a director of scary movies.]


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This is somehow really convincing to me. Indeed, …a story’s “essence” is slowly pushing towards the end. I have to think about this.