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Student online making money channel


Before I go back, I should probably clean up the remaining problem.

Thinking that, just as I was about to call out towards the bushes. Beneath me, my phone once again rang. On the screen of the phone were the characters 'Unidentified Caller'.

I did think for a moment about ignoring it but I don't feel like this is simply a prank call.

I pushed the 'Call' button and pressed it to my ears. Even though I had wanted to at least determine the way the caller whose gender I don't even know would answer, even though I waited for a few seconds, the silence continued.

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I tried calling out from my side once.

However, no reply came.

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That is why I immediately decided to make my decision.

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"I'm cutting the call".

"Can I trust you?".

Those were the words that came back from the broken silence.

They were words that didn't make any sense.

"This is rather sudden. I don't quite understand what exactly is this trust you're asking of me".

I returned the question while seeking an explanation.

"The anti-Nagumo campaign that Horikita-senpai speaks of. I was asking if you would become a cooperator".

It seems the older Horikita has told 'that' 2nd year student about me. To go out of their way to call me with an unidentified number, how cautious.