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「Y-Yay! Then, I would like this『Deluxe Bento』for three people, please!」

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She got hungry due to the morning class and made a great start. A slender girl like Ria placed an unbelievable order, so the man at the window stared gaping.

「T-Three people… Here, it is a considerable amount even for one person, though?」

「Yes, it’s okay!」


When she finished her order,

「…A”a? Well then, I want the same thing for four people.」

Sid-san, who has a competitive spirit, placed more orders than Ria.

「Mu! Sorry, but I’d like to order five people’s portion instead.」

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「My bad, I meant six people.」

「Ah, I’m sorry. Actually, it was seven people.」

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The two, who hate losing, started getting heated up fast.

「Tch… Eight people’s!」

「Mu, nine people’s!」

「「…Ten people’s! 」」