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3658 a mall that can make money online

However, just as he was about to leave, He Desheng said, “Wait, I forgot to mention something.”

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Meng Chang stopped in her tracks. “Oh, please go ahead, Boss He.”

He Desheng said, “According to Boss Pei’s requirements, the companies we invest in must accept some of our conditions.

“First, it has to be law-abiding and honest.

“Secondly, we have to spend all our money on the operations of the company and normal operations. We cannot give the boss his own salary, and we cannot spend our money on personal consumption. Of course, we cannot interfere with the other investors’ money.

“Given the above two points, we will assign a finance director to be your company’s finance director. That must be explained in advance.”

He Desheng smiled and sounded amicable.

These rules had been set by Boss Pei when he set the investment model for ‘foolish people with too much money’. He Desheng was just going through the process and doing business as usual.

This was a very common phenomenon in the investment industry. After all, investors were not stupid. They would definitely not be able to accept it if they invested their own money only to find that the founders squandered everything on vice.

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It was definitely the same for Boss Pei.

These founders could burn money, but they had to do things.

Otherwise, these founders would be living a good life, while Boss Pei would be eating sh*t. This mentality would collapse.

Therefore, Dream Realization Ventures had strict requirements for finance.

Sending one of his own people to be the finance director meant that the flow of money in this company could not escape Tengda’s eyes. Once something went wrong, He Desheng could report it to Boss Pei immediately.