Online play cards can be made to cash Alipay

Online play cards can be made to cash Alipay

“Ah, ah, ah! I’m so sad that I did not get the couch!”

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“Are there any guilds?”

“Comrades, look here! Our guild is developing harmoniously. We’re banding together and being led by whales. There is no battle we cannot win! We’re going to specially offer help to grandfathers and grandmothers prone to falling down. We welcome you to join us so that we can help more grandmothers cross roads!”

“The previous commenter, you’ve just copied and pasted the advertisement, haven’t you? There are no more whales now; how can they lead the guild?”

“How are there no more whales? Our guild’s whales have spoken; whoever joins our guild will get the maximum number of strength potions every day!”

“Holy sh*t! Quickly add me!”

More world channels were being added, one by one. Ye Zhizhou could not keep up with the various channels.

“Our game… still has so many players?”

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Ye Zhizhou was stunned. He only opened this new server to test waters after seeing a good number of people request for it in the previous channel. He did not expect that so many people would hop over to the new server to play the game!

What were they after? Did they want to abandon their old accounts?

Ye Zhizhou felt like everything was strange. He had not seen such passion for their game in a long time. Bloody Battle Song always opened new servers before this. After all, constantly opening new servers was a common marketing method for games with paywalls.

Yet, they had never seen a reaction as lively as what they were seeing today!

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As Ye Zhizhou trained, he considered looking for a guild to hide in and spy. He wanted to ask the players for their opinions on the new game.

In the end, after playing for a while, his game got jammed. On the screen, the words ‘reading resources’ appeared. The image became a mosaic as well. However, this soon passed. The game quickly became smooth again.

Ye Zhizhou was just about to ask what just happened when he heard Wang Xiaobin shout, “Holy sh*t, there were too many gamers just then. Our server was overloaded. The new server is full?”

Ye Zhizhou quickly opened the platform to check.

The old servers that they had been maintaining were emptying out. There was practically nobody left. The new server, on the other hand, was so popular that it was exploding at that moment. It was overflowing!

New players could no longer enter the server. They had no choice but to wait outside.