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“That technique is… it once…… destroyed Sadiz’s hometown…. it was used to kill Sadiz’s parents….”


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“As we were rushing to the scene, a huge spiral rising into the heavens… eh …. It’s… that was the technique that the Great Demon King Tre’ainar showed.”

It wasn’t just my father. To my mother, I’m… far from disappointing. I’m sad.

I…… I used that technique, so…

“Anyway, come. Tell me all about how you got this stuff…. what were you doing without your father or mother’s knowledge?”

Saying that, my father grabbed my wrist tightly and tried to take me away with him.

Wait a minute… my match… you watched me, didn’t you? Father, I…

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“…… What?”

“How, how was I? I got stronger…. I, I’m much, I got much…”

It’s true that technique wasn’t a good one for my father.

I didn’t know. About Sadiz.

But I did my best.

A lot of sweat, endured severe pain, and I rose to the challenge today.

So it’s okay to just say one word.

Father, to me–