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“Show off! Someone’s showing off!”

“Ma Yang, where are you?”

“Old Ma, why are you not around for every team fight? Stop getting greedy for the creeps, f*ck!”

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The intense battling had Pei Qian forget about his pain of losing 50,000 yuan momentarily as he immersed himself in the game.

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Even though Pei Qian was unfamiliar to Gods Rising, thanks to his knowledge of similar games in his memories, he still produced quite a decent performance to carry them!

30 minutes later.


Pei Qian looked at his throne exploding on the screen then at his Kill Death Assist (KDA) ratio.

“How the f*ck... did I lose with this...”

Pei Qian was almost about to barf. He had initially done well with an ultra kill and his game was going smoothly. However, he suddenly could not beat them in the mid game and come late game, they got rushed down the throne after losing a single team fight.

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He swept his gaze across his four teammates and Ma Yang’s KDA of 2-2-2 was the most glaring.

It was a pity that Gods Rising had not developed the capability of tracking team fight presence yet. Otherwise, Ma Yang’s fighting percentage would definitely be really touching to see.

Pei Qian recalled the various team fights they had.

Indeed... they had been playing a 4v5 the entire time...