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“When can I become like Boss Pei...?”

Huang Sibo kept sighing sorrowfully as he refreshed the platform.

Ocean Stronghold was through the roof!

Of course, Huang Sibo thought that this result was normal, given that Boss Pei had personally designated the direction for this game. All of this was to be expected; there was nothing to be excited about.

After analyzing Boss Pei’s design and intentions, Huang Sibo and Bao Xu both had a feeling that this game would likely succeed! However, they did not expect that it would become as popular as it did. Even Sun Strike Studios’ Bullet Hole was taken down by the game!

What came as even more of a surprise to Huang Sibo was that Boss Pei had thought of something new!

Boss Pei had already shown that through a game like Ghost General, one could achieve the greatest marketing effect while paying the lowest price.

At that time, Boss Pei employed a unique method of marketing within the artist circle. In the end, he succeeded in publicizing the game to ordinary artists!

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This time, Huang Sibo wanted to see how Boss Pei would similarly market the game in a way nobody had ever done before in order to achieve huge results.

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He even thought of several marketing techniques that would save costs.

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Yet, from the looks of it, he had been thinking along the wrong lines entirely.

Boss Pei had no intention to market the game at all! Boss Pei knew for a fact that this game would be popular even without marketing. Just the word-of-mouth of the gamers alone could draw attention to their game naturally. Official and automatic recommendations were more than enough!

How aggressive and confident!

One would only be able to achieve something like that if they had experienced a fair share of success and could accurately judge the market!