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So this was the right way for him to be the person-in-charge of the advertising and marketing department!

July 20th, Friday morning.

Slow Movement Studio.

Not long after the official start of work, Cai Jiadong saw Wang Xiaobin and Ye Zhizhou rush in from outside.

“Where’s Boss Lin?” Wang Xiaobin asked.

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Cai Jiadong stood up and answered, “Boss Lin isn’t here today. What’s wrong?”

Ye Zhizhou shook the portable hard disk in his hand. “The VR version of ‘Fitness Battle’ has been tested and sealed. I’ll give it to you one last time before officially selling it.”

Cai Jiadong said, “Then send it directly. There definitely won’t be a problem.”

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Nothing would go wrong with Shang Yang Games in charge!

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What’s more, the game ‘Fitness Battle’ had been operating steadily for a long time. There were no major problems. Now, they had only changed the original cell phone version to a VR version and the game’s display mode. This change would not induce any major malignant bugs.

However, Cai Jiadong hesitated. “Is it appropriate to publish it now? Should we wait for the VR glasses and ‘Animal Island’ to become slightly more popular?”

Cai Jiadong had been paying attention to the market feedback of this pair of glasses ever since the VR glasses were released.

However, to his surprise and disappointment, the feedback was not good!

Meng Chang was in charge of the publicity for this pair of glasses. Boss Pei had specially informed Slow Movement Studio not to worry about publicity as long as they focused on improving the game.

In the end, the netizens did not buy it after the publicity plan was released!

This made Cai Jiadong extremely surprised and unacceptable.

It was such a good product, but it had such a start?

What a good hand but a lousy game!