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“Of course it’s possible that I can beat him. That said, it’s also true that I don’t know exactly what he’s capable of. Well… I suppose it’s a bit different from that. Maybe there’s just a part of me that wants him to be an opponent far outside of even my capabilities.”

It was a mysterious feeling that she had never noticed she had before.

“I hope I can see him take things seriously before I have him expelled.”

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It was something Sakayanagi wanted from the bottom of her heart.

(Part 6 End)

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They had met on Tuesday. The following day, Sakayanagi proceeded to receive phone calls from Yamauchi with updates, as per their recent conversation.

She was in the midst of playing both sides of a chess match in her dorm room while she relayed instructions to him on how to survive the upcoming exam. She picked up a piece and moved it forward on the board.

“Really? That many people have already agreed to vote for Ayanokōji-kun?”

There were twenty-one people in total, an impressive number that had exceeded her expectations.

Yamauchi probably wouldn’t have been able to make things turn out so well if he had done everything on his own.



“As I expected, it seems that asking Kushida-san to act as your mediator was the right thing to do.”

Kushida was the type of person to take action with her classmates in mind.

“Yeah, I guess. It went just like you said it would, Sakayanagi-chan.”

Sakayanagi had judged that, if Yamauchi came asking for her help, Kushida wouldn’t be able to turn him down easily.

Moreover, Sakayanagi had also gotten her hands on some interesting information about Kushida.

“When you asked her to help you, did you persuade her with tears like I told you to?”