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Yu Yao shook his head. “As far as I know, he’s not. Not only is he not a veteran gamer but he hasn’t even played many games. He doesn’t feel anything about it.”

Xia Jiang nodded immediately. “I understand.”

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She began to make notes in her notebook.

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“Why would Meng Chang turn back If he didn’t meet Boss Pei?”

“Meng Chang’s marketing was done at all costs when he created the Cold-Faced Lady. It caused a lot of controversy in order to attract people’s attention and gain popularity. The Cold-Faced Lady eventually went bankrupt because Meng Chang’s heavy marketing did not manage it.”

“However, Meng Chang’s marketing style changed drastically when he was working in Tengda. He changed from his previous exaggerated and eye-catching style and became low-key and reserved.”

“Obviously, Tengda’s working environment affected him. It was Boss Pei’s style that affected him!”

“Under this inspiration, a person who had no interest in games also started to care about the development of domestically-produced standalone games and took the initiative to promote them.”

“In order to achieve the effect of publicity, he tried playing DEMO over and over again just to achieve perfection...”

“It’s still unknown if Meng Chang can turn over a new leaf under Boss Pei. However, this change is already happening subtly...”

At that point, Xia Jiang suddenly thought of a problem. “You said that Meng Chang has been trying to play the DEMO in order to complete the publicity plan. Do you have photos of this?”

“The effect would definitely be better if we include the photos.”

Yu Yao thought for a moment. “I think I took one before. Let me take a look.”

He took out his cell phone and flipped through the photo album. Soon, he found a picture: It was a picture of Meng Chang’s back. He was playing on his computer screen with full concentration. However, the game graphics on the computer screen could only be vaguely made out.

It might be taken using a cell phone but Yu Yao’s cell phone was a flagship model so the camera image was very high and it was relatively clear.