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I slowly unlocked the door and opened it.

I hadn’t been in contact with Amasawa Ichika from the 1st year Class A since the end of April.

Because of the fact that she hadn’t contacted us, this could be considered a surprise appearance.

In order to assist Housen, she took the same knife from my room, and through that, since she knew that I knew that she was in cahoots with Housen, she would keep a certain distance.

However, Awasawa who appeared right in front of my eyes again, didn’t seem like she had done anything bad.

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Did she think that the fact that she was an accomplice wasn’t known to me?

No, when Housen’s plan went into action, it was essentially revealed that Amasawa was an accomplice.

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“How did you get into the dormitory?”

“There was another senpai who was returning, so I went in with him. I thought I’d give you a surprise.”

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If she used the phone in the lobby, no matter what, her identity would be revealed to me.

So she used another student in order to avoid that situation.


“Is your hand alright now? I was worried so I came to see you.”

The clever Amasawa didn’t consider the situation where her role in the plan had not been discovered.

Instead, she hinted that she was related to the matter.

She touched the U-lock softly with her right index finger.

“This, can you unlock it for me?”