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What online part-time make money?

Indeed, what Boss Pei said made sense!

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Everyone seemed to be able to do what they wanted, but it would be difficult to reach a consensus if they continued discussing like this.

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It was better to follow Boss Pei’s train of thought.

In the field of standalone games, what game genre did Tengda make less?

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This question was really difficult to answer.

Tengda had done many standalone games until now, some relatively popular themes, and many niche themes.

Repent and be Saved was an action-based game, Struggle was an interactive movie game, Mission and Choice was an outdated real-time strategy game. There were also difficult games like Game Designer and Animal Island.

What other game genres were there that Tengda made less of?

Everyone lowered their heads and started calculating.

Action games, shooting games, simulators, role-playing games, interactive games, strategy games, leisure games…

He seemed to have dabbled in most game genres.

That was mainly because Boss Pei never ate his roots. After a certain game type succeeded, he would not touch it for a long time. Instead, he would immediately develop another type of game.

Thus, it would be slightly difficult to find a field that Tengda had not stepped into.