How to make a server online

How to make a server online

“Yea. I have no objections to that. You probably think that’s surprising, huh?”

“Your whole attitude is surprising for me.”

I’m not really surprised, though. She’s still doing this for herself, and I never thought she was particularly cold either.

“Well, I got that you want to move up to class A. However, I honestly never thought that you would use such an ordinary method as teaching them. After all, those kind of people hate studying. You also stayed away from the other students on the first day, right? It’s commendable that someone like you who doesn’t want friends would offer to teach them.”

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“That’s why I’m talking to you, isn’t it? Fortunately, they’re people close to you, right?”

“Ha? … Hey, are you really—”

“It’ll be faster if you talk to them. There’s no problem since they’re your friends, right? Here, just bring them to the library. I can help them study.”

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“You say some unreasonable things. Do you even think that someone like me, who is leading a harmless and inoffensive life, could do that?”

“It’s not a matter of ‘can do’ or ‘can’t do’. Just do it.”

Am I your dog or something?

“It’s your freedom to aim for class A, but don’t involve me in your plans.”

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“You ate, right? My treat. Lunch. That wonderful, tasty special meal.”

“All I got was the honest good will of another human.”

“Too bad, but that wasn’t out of kindness.”

“I can’t hear you… Here, I’ll give you some points. We’re even now.”

“I won’t stoop as low as to receive gifts from other people. I will turn down your offer.”

“I’m starting to feel angry at you for the first time…”