Is it true that the wearing beads wearing beads is true?

Is it true that the wearing beads wearing beads is true?

What’s wrong? Did you have a problem? Say it.

Yes, I know. What I’m doing right now is severely over the line. I literally saw myself crawling around, raising my butt, and showing off my panties in the mirror, even I wanted to suicide when I saw that.

But, so what? If there’s an exciting adult game wait for me, I can throw any useless dignity I have left. That’s how a true adult games lover should be!


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Um, I do feel I shouldn’t do this. However, that’s precisely the reason why I am just confessing myself to a random person somewhere (maybe a god or a guardian spirit, some kind of higher entities, I guess.) and making up excuses.

Whatever. If this is the case, I’m going to keep my mind busy with an autobiography of myself during the search of the erotic game, just so I can forget the unfortunate reality I’m in. Let’s go with that.

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Well, it’s not like I was born as an erotic game lover or anything.

No, actually, the “disguise” that I’m using right now, the student council president Konoha, is what I used to be like, from the bottom of my heart.

I got top grades and a somewhat good physique. It’s not all serious, though. When it’s time to play, my once innocent heart will enjoy the time to the fullest. I’m trusted by my friends, feel joyous when the others get the blessing from the bottom of my heart. It’s quite embarrassing for me to say all this myself. But that’s who I was, a sincere girl that is rare these days.

Then, two years ago, I accidentally entered the realm of erotic games when I’m in junior high.

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The main fuse is a light novel recommended by one of my friends. The book itself wasn’t remotely erotic, it’s just a cliché and traditional romantic comedy. However, what struck my heart is the alluring conversations inside.

Although I loved it to the point that I rewatched the 4-episode novel five times in total, I feel more unsatisfied the more I rewatched it.