start a nonprofit organization with no money

start a nonprofit organization with no money

“Tell him that I am very frustrated by the fact that we are making losses now. Say that I didn’t want to accept investments, but I’m faltering. Tell him that I’m struggling to decide and that as long as the internet cafe continues to make losses, I might change my mind…”

Ma Yang sounded confused. “Brother Qian, you want us to continue to make losses? That wouldn’t be good for us, would it? I don’t think we can afford it.”

Pei Qian smiled. “If we make losses, wouldn’t the same happen for them?

“These shops are incurring losses like us. At the very most, we’ll drag all of them down with us. What is there to be afraid of?

“What’s more, if they continue burning money in this way, all the customers nearby would be attracted to come out. The people in other areas of Jingzhou City might even be attracted to go there and spend their money.

“In the long term, this would improve business in the area. We will not be making losses at all.”

A realization dawned on Ma Yang. “I see! I understand, Brother Qian!”

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“That’s good. Go and tell Boss Li this, then…”

Pei Qin hung up, smiling.

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Boss Li, you must have been so proud of your own ability to hoodwink Ma Yang. You were wrong. Anybody could have lied to him…

You threw him a couple of simple lies, but all I had to do was lie more to bring him back to my side.

Pei Qian hoodwinked Ma Yang by telling him a mixture of truth and lies. What he said about improving business in the area, especially, was a bunch of bullsh*t.

The business environment was affected by different factors working together. How could the business environment be changed just because a few shops were holding promotions at the same time? Just the thought of it seemed impossible.