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“And José… even though it’s self-serving… you’re the one who started it, aren’t you?”


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“Don’t say you’re not interested anymore, why don’t you handle things to the end?”

I said what I should say.

And then……

“Trivial, I don’t care about that one anymore… I wish thou had simply kept silent … in general, thou has abandoned God … and is in need of a little punishment? Right!”

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Well, of course, Jamdi’el cannot be convinced.

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The next moment, with heraldic eyes in both eyes…

“Eh, Little man!”

“Stay back, Sadiz!”

From here on… I chose for myself. And yet I can’t have Sadiz helping me right away.

Besides, I had already predicted that this might happen “three months ago”.

“???ē??????????ū???????????ū??…… Short-Distance Transfer Magik, 【MÕMCHËRÎ】!!”

I was swallowed by the black vortex generated by the activation of her Heraldic Eye and ancient magic, and Jamdi’el entered it herself.



“Older brother!””

“Big brother!”.