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Lu Zhiyao watched her leave. He opened his mouth wanting to shout after her, but he would not say anything. It was as though he was drained of all his energy. His whole body ‘collapsed’ onto the ground.

“Not bad, pretty good!

“After seven or eight shots, there is finally one that is more satisfactory. You’ve worked hard, everyone!”

Director Zhu Xiaoce took the lead in applauding and encouraging. At this time, Lin Ruyi-playing the heroinehurriedly bowed towards Director Zhu Xiaoce and the crew and then to Lu Zhiyao.

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“Thank you for your guidance, senior. I would not be able to be so immersed if it weren’t for senior’s great acting skills.”

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Lu Zhiyao smiled. “Your acting skills were good from the start. I don’t dare to take credit for it. Besides, I’m just a ‘box office poison’. When it comes to acting I’m sure everyone knows who is the one guiding who.”

Pei Qian, who was watching silently, secretly gave a thumbs-up in his heart.

Awesome! The scene just now gave him goosebumps. He even wanted to hit someone.

Lu Zhiyao breathed life to a brown-noser; the last few lines vividly explained how brown-nosers would not end up well. Moreover, Lin Ruyi played a Green Tea Bitch right to the dot.

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The micro-expressions and emotions at the start were well done. The last two sentences were the finishing touches.

Pei Qian felt severe discomfort watching on the set. It was too poisonous! Guys would fall silent, and women would cry when they watch this.

Pei Qian felt that he might faint in anger on the spot if he were to watch this in a movie theater. Moreover, Pei Qian also realized some major good news.Perhaps it might be a good thing for Lu Zhiyao’s acting skills to improve? If Lu Zhiyao did not play it well, everyone might not feel this sense of empathy. They might even secretly feel delighted for Lu Zhiyao’s plight in the movie. He did not have much affinity with audiences after all.

However, Lu Zhiyao was doing a good job so people would naturally feel the brown-noser aura from him and an instinctive sense of discomfort.

Lu Zhiyao’s fans would surely be angry, right?