Can I listen to songs and copy lyrics online?

Can I listen to songs and copy lyrics online?

“It’s Trashara-senpai, of course. Anyway, I bet 80%!o(MISSING)f your brain is thinking about ‘a big breast, defenseless, young wife with clothes wetted’ when you said that’s injustice.”

“That’s real injustice when you put it that way!”

“Please just calm down. We shouldn’t be arguing like that in public…”

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“Sigh, Tendou-senpai, you got some issues as well. Although you’re trying to act like a mediator just then, I’m just as mad at you! You already have Amano-senpai as your boyfriend. I can’t believe you’re still walking on the streets alone with a pornstar that sold his body like him…”

“No, like I’ve said before, we really just met each other coincidentally. Then, you’re the one that overreacted and makes a big deal over this-“

“No, no, no, Tendou. You should ask her to take back that whole ‘pornstar that sold his body’ thing-“

The three of them seem to be in a standoff. Although we’re close enough to hear what the three are saying clearly, …we stopped walking towards them and came to a standstill.

That’s because…

“Uwah, I don’t really want others to know that I’m friends with them…”

Our thoughts are perfectly synchronized here.

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We looked at each other and nodded before deciding to leave quietly-

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“Eh, weird, Amano-kun? That’s you, Amano-kun, right?”