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Aguri lectured me angrily for being useless, but I just asked her in a mutter:

“You and me… Did we met in middle school?”

When Aguri heard my question, she turned her gaze to the crane machine, and answered vexingly and nonchalantly:

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“We did. Ah, back then, I had black hair, braids and wore round frame glasses, a plain girl completely different from now! But you also changed, so we are the same!”

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“Hmm… Hmm?”

A plain girl with black braids? I… helped her caught a plushie?

Right… Now that she mentioned it…

That’s right, I think such a thing did happen. In the summer of my third year in middle school. In order to get away from the pressure of preparing for entrance exams, I ended up playing crane games somehow, and caught a plushie… But if I brought something of that size home and my mother found out, I would get in trouble. I was worrying about it when I saw a plain and cute girl who was obviously not used to the arcade staring at that plushie. And so I…

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Aguri turned back to look at me, and continued with a smile:

“Since that day I have always~~ liked you. After that, I will visit this arcade to look for you every now and then. When you occasionally visit this arcade, you would focus on playing one game, and then go home. I like the way you were the most.”

Aguri said it in a relaxed manner. However, I was the opposite of her, my brain felt as if it was knocked heavily.

After all… After all, this girl… the one Aguri likes… is not the me right now…

“I knew we entered the same high school, but you became so cool when I visited your class. I then asked my friends, and heard that your preference leans towards frivolous girls… So I worked hard to change my image. Ah, but I really like the way I am now anyway.”