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“Who knows… In a real, serious fight, I don’t think I can win against him.”

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Sudou was definitely not weak. If Sudou, who had excellent physical ability and coordination, talked about Housen like this, he was not one to be trifled with.

Even carefully selected people such as Horikita’s older brother, Horikita Manabu, who had studied martial arts, or Albert, who was born with a remarkable body, could not beat Housen in a fight.

“Hey- that’s not what I wanted to talk about! My affairs don’t matter.”

At that moment, Sudou looked at my face.

“You… you surpassed that monster Housen’s strength and stopped him. I’m not wrong, am I?”

Something like “I reflexively used more power than I normally can” certainly wouldn’t work on Sudou anymore.

It’s natural for him to associate that with, “this guy also got a perfect score in math, so it’s not surprising.”

And there were things he could see only because of his fondness for Horikita.

“And you’re sure it wasn’t just a misunderstanding, Sudou?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

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Sudou grabbed my biceps with his right hand.

To confirm how powerful my muscles were, Sudou lightly gripped them several times and said, “I’ve had this feeling since last year, when I saw you at the pool. You weren’t even participating in any club activities, but you had a super muscular body. It’s hard to tell with clothes on, but those firm muscles… you wouldn’t get those without considerable training.”

Sudou has focused on his body and trained regularly. There was no point in trying to fool him anymore.

Saying something like I work out on my own after getting out of bed has no chance of convincing him.

He wasn’t merely watching. When touched like this, my body itself would tell him the truth.

“Speaking of that, your grip strength when we measured it before the sports festival was around 60kg, right?”

Sudou gradually thought back about last year.

“That time, I already thought that was amazing… but you were holding back. How much can you grip exactly?”