money to pay debt

money to pay debt

「Fuun, what a stupid thing…!」

The moment Thor laughed scornfully.

A sound as though a huge glass has been shattered, pierced their ears and resounded throughout the laboratory.

「I-Impossible… My barrier has been broken!?」

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「Zahahahahaha! So you came after all! Allen Rodore – The sparkling gem!」


As all three people reacted differently to the sound, Thor quickly started to move.

「Damn… Why are you looking so happy, you fool! Quickly move to your position!」

「Zahaha! I’m looking forward to it!」

Thor, who was frustrated, and Zack with a warlike smile, went upstairs to welcome the uninvited guests.

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When we broke into the laboratory, we went down a corridor that was winding like a maze.

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(This is probably a part of the countermeasure to deal with intruders.)

The corridor was dimly lit, and visibility was extremely poor.

We needed to be wary of traps and ambushes, so we had to slow down our speed.

After that, we went down the corridor for a while – and arrived at a small room.