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For real, just by looking at it, I felt sick. A body that moved, and attached to the body, a myriad of limbs that were moving too, so that it’s too much to make the spine straight. Apparently, it fell from the leaves of the tree we used as a backrest.

Well, what should I do now? If I were to tell Sakura that there was a caterpillar in her hair, then, the possibility that she would panic and start screaming was high. If the caterpillar entered between her hair or went into her clothes, then it would be a further disaster.

“Sakura, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Wh.. What is it?”

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“Well… Are you okay with insects?”

“I.. Insects?”

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“Yes, insects, like grasshoppers or dragonflies, those kinds of insects.”

“N.. Not good at all with any of them. I can’t stand ants, either.”

“Ah, well, I get it.”

Just as I had guessed, it seemed that I couldn’t tell her what was happening. There was no alternative but to think of another way. I wish I could remove it quickly, but being a city boy myself, I hate them, too.

Even if I tried to remove it with a branch or something, Sakura would immediately notice my suspicious behaviour.

“Let me see, now. Do not move for the time being, okay?

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“Ah, yes. All right.”

After I gave her this advice, I let go of Sakura’s shoulder. Meanwhile, the caterpillar was moving little by little — it seemed like it was going somewhere.

I had to think of a way to remove it safely.

“What’s wrong?”

Sakura tilted her head, puzzled, as I was trying to make a plan in my head.

Did it sense danger just by the movement of my hands? The caterpillar was trying to escape with strenuous movements. Aahhh… This is dangerous, caterpillar, stop being so stubborn!